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Education Our Economy Families
I will work to support parents, students and
educators. Together we can reduce class sizes, obtain more supplies and provide better technology that will improve Utah’s education. I will be a voice of reason that balances the need for
funding with the need for fiscal accountability. Our students deserve more!
I will work tirelessly to promote lower taxes for families and businesses. I understand and respect the proper role of business in a healthy, vibrant economy. This starts with transparency, responsible spending, and eliminating waste. I will fight for families and their access to quality, affordable health care, parental resources,
education and safety for children. I believe that government must respect and support the role of parents as they decide what’s best for their children.


• 100% attendance during session
• Quick, responsive communication with voters

• Speak out &
speak up
• Question the
status quo
• Find solutions to problems

True Representation of Voters
• Connected to voters and their priorities
Informed Decision Making
• Full research of issues
• Informed decisions
• More than just checking the box